Let’s walk
the journey

At The Knowledge Consultancy, we know – firsthand – that the communication journey needs people who understand your heart and help you share it well. Let’s do it, together.


We help you create communication strategies that fit what you want to say and do. Talk to us.


We help you craft your visual identity. Let your customers see your heartbeat in your brand.


Print, digital, editing and design, we’ve got you. We help you present your ideas to the world.

The right partner for you.

It doesn’t have to be complex for it to be good. We help you simplify the journey of getting your message out.

We talk you through it.

Sometimes clarity is one great conversation away. We talk you through your concept, plan, idea, to come to the real heart of things.

We walk you through it.

We capture your heart in a plan that makes sense for you, and we help you walk it out. Bit by bit, reviewing along the way, until we get there.

Communication is about building bridges.

The idea that business is just about making money is simply wrong. Business in the Afrikan context is first about UBUNTU; it is about creating linkages, connecting people, building community wealth and improving lives.



Building Communal Wealth

Updates, opinions and insights.

Keep your eye on changes going on in the world, highlights from articles from Msingi Afrika magazine and insights and opinions that might help give you a clearer picture of the world today.

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